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All female at the top!

By Monica Persson, Sweden

This article will high light the Swedish women in the Class, but of course we are very grateful to our male “team members” who also makes great contributions to the Swedish J/24 Class!!!

Did you know that in Sweden we have had an increasing number of women sailing the J/24 over the past years? Sweden have many mixed crews and also one all female crew. Some of us Swedish women in the Class have sailed for several years now and really “grown” into the J/24 Class. Actually the board of the Swedish J/24 Class Association is run by women… we have 50% male at the board, but it is the “ female energy” who drives it!

Female Energy at the SWE-JCA Board

We have our inspiring and most helpful Chair(wo)man Marianne Schoke-Hölzer , who has been our natural ambassador for several years. Since two years we have Anna Ullström as our source of ideas and Secretary. The one who runs the most adminstration and spreads information on is Monica Persson , our Treasurer since four years. Our newest female member of the board is Lisa Andersson who runs the female crew in “the City where the sun always shines” , Karlstad . We are driven by the inspiration to spread the experience on board and around the J/24 to our members and newcomers, to continue increasing the Swedish J/24 Class. And of course we have a lot of fun! Every new contact makes us happy! Every chance to market our class and sail the J/24 makes us even happier!

Nice spread of the Swedish Contact Net

Since Monica just moved to Gothenburg, the Swedish J/24 Class now has a Spokes(wo)man in all the major cities in Sweden . Marianne in Malmoe ; Anna in Stockholm ; Monica in Gothenburg and Lisa in Karlstad . Nice spread of our J/24 Contact Net, don't you think?

We stand together “in the name of the Swedish J/24 Class”!

We spend most of our sparetime on board and around the J/24. We are active regatta sailors. So, we do meet at regattas even though we live far apart. Lisa and the tough female crew on SWE-12 “Hugin” participated and got a nice experience at the Worlds 2003 in Medemblik, Holland . Marianne runs the fordeck on her own boat SWE-5330 "Sailing Planet" and cooperates with Anna at the mast position. Monica drives the spinnaker on SWE-4896 "Front Runner". Yes, we sail in mixed crews and compete against eachother every now and then. Sometimes we even join our forces for success! Tough, close fights at sea, but when ashore we stand together “in the name of the Swedish J/24 Class”! At the Swedish Open 2004 in Malmoe in May Marianne and Monica competed against eachother about the Swedish title… Really exciting! For two years Monica was Champion, but this year we congratulate Marianne on the Swedish Champion Title, well sailed!

Joined forces for success!

Last weekend of May Marianne and Monica joined their forces for a regatta in Kiel , Germany onboard SWE-4896 “Front Runner”. Marianne on foredeck as usual and Monica as spi-driver as usual. The regatta “Goldener Pfingstbusch” became a great success!!! Second place over all!! A strong “joined force” in this mixed crew with Per-Hokan Persson at the Helm, Peter Nielsen at the Genuoa and Max Hölzer at the Mast. Starting with two 4 th 's and then a minor dip to 9 th , the end of the regatta was sailed successfully with a 1 st and a 2 nd . The last day at the regatta was sailed in strong winds with large, long surfwaves. The puffs where heavy and the speed of the boat was very high. After a long upwind we hoisted the spinnaker for a speedy downwind leg. OOOOHHH, my gosh! We where fast!!!! We got a heavy puff that pushed us forward, on and on, for more than 100 metres . Both Marianne and Monica screemed and laughed out loud of happiness. This was the most exciting surf ever!!! It lasted for ever and ever, and it feelt super to trim. The handling of the boat was as written in a school book…. The gibing was excellent! Marianne at foredeck and Monica at the spi. All female success!! Happy faces and sreaming out of joy! Some boats around broached more than twice, but not us. We where not even close. What a SUPER FEELING!

Fantastic Personal Marketing

Marianne has made the most fantastic personal marketing of our class over the years!! This past year she has travelled "in the name of the EUROPEANS 2004" to regattas in the USA , Monaco , Holland and Germany as our ambassador. Energy like hers is very valuable to our Swedish J/24 Class. Every new J/24 boatowner and sailor in Sweden has recieved valuable advise from her during the years. At the Worlds 2003 in Medemblik, Holland , she dressed all the Swedish crews in T-shirts: I am sailing the EUROPEANS 2004 in Malmoe... Are you?? I guess nobody missed that marketing campaign!

Anna arranged so the Swedish J/24 Class Association participated at Stockholm BoatShow this Spring 2004. She also marketed the EUROPEANS 2004 and inspires the younger crews from Karlstad .

Monica and her energy has supported Marianne over the years with the membership administration and spreading information in the Swedish Class both via mail and post. WWW.SFD.SE/J24 is the place where you find all our updated information from Sweden . Monica puts her heart into updating this webpage every week.

The main goal is to have fun!

Sailing is fun and the social aspect is outstanding. The Swedish J/24 Class Association has increased over the last 4-5 years. 2004 we have 40 boats as members. Meeting all our J/24-friends and welcoming new sailors into the class is some of the most inspiring moments in our lives. And that is what drives the energy in us!